SESAR Engage KTN – Call for PhDs and post-graduate theses

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    University of Westminster (Engage KTN coordinator)
    United Kingdom
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    Formal sciences
    Natural sciences
    Professions and applied sciences
    First Stage Researcher (R1) (Up to the point of PhD)



The Engage KTN will foster the growth of a community of early stage researchers in Europe, dedicated to advancing the state of the art in air traffic management (ATM). Summer schools and regular presentations of research progress to informed audiences (from thematic workshops, to SIDs, ICRAT and ATM seminars) will provide continuous support and opportunities for early stage researchers to mature their ideas and research directions in interaction with established peers.

Proposals must contain innovative research ideas and address the (long-term) evolution of the European ATM system. Alignment with the thematic challenges of the Engage KTN (published on the KTN website in August 2018) is not a requirement, nor will this confer any advantage in the evaluation per se. However, such alignment may help candidates by having thematic challenge research activities running in parallel with their research (see also attendance and participation requirements in the Section 3.2 of the Call document) and may also be more likely to receive industry co-funding.

The Engage KTN also welcomes ‘blue sky’ / exploratory research, which may be aligned with interdisciplinary areas or, indeed, other fields as judged by the Awards Board to offer suitable potential contributions to the wider benefit of ATM, enhancing cross-fertilisation. When appropriately motivated, student mobility between academia and industry is encouraged.

What is funded

A core part of the Engage KTN’s activity is the financial support of PhDs and other post-graduate thesis dissertations. A budget of nearly one million euros is allocated to this activity, to be shared proportionally between the number of eligible post-graduate dissertation and PhD proposals submitted.

To increase the number of funded PhDs and post-graduate dissertations, the selected proposals (see Section 3.4 of the Call document) will receive financial support as follows:

  • If the financial request is lower than or equal to EUR 50 000 (for the full duration of the PhD or the post-graduate programme), the entire amount is covered;
  • If the financial request is higher than EUR 50 000 (for the full duration), 60% of the request is covered considering that:
    • at least EUR 50 000 is covered
    • no more than EUR 150 000 is covered
  • Separate travel bursaries to cover participation at Engage events


The duration is limited to 36 months; PhD/post-graduate activities should complete within this timeframe.


Proposals may be submitted by a single entity or by a consortium of entities. A consortium may be composed of four entities at most. In any case, at least one of the entities must be an educational establishment entitled to issue PhD and/or post-graduate degrees.

Only the following costs of the funded research degrees will be covered:

  1. Gross salary (or grant/scholarship) of one PhD student for three years or of one post-graduate student for the duration of his/her programme.
  2. Data and other supporting material costs, including computing infrastructure (e.g., cloud resources). All taxes eligible under Horizon 2020 rules are covered.

In addition to funding student salary/data costs, the Engage KTN will also offer travel bursaries for each student.

Further information

Please refer to the Call document for full details and submission instructions. This can be found on the Engage KTN website (http://www.engagektn.com).

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.


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