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    Charles University
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
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    31/10/2020 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Czech Republic › Prague 8
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Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University announces opening of the following scientific post-doc positions at the School of Physics with submission deadline October 31, 2020


A researcher in the field of the gravity physics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics. The expertise of the researcher should be close to one of the topics: mathematical general relativity, exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations and their interpretation, global structure of space-times, compact objects in GR, black holes, gravitational waves, modified theories of gravity, theoretical cosmology, quantum gravity and quantum cosmology.

ID of the position: 202010-PD-UTF

The positions are funded by the Czech Operational Programme Research, Development and Education, project International mobility of research, technical and administrative staff at the Charles University. The funding is available for one year, starting preferably from January 1, 2021.

Qualification requirements: a researcher with Ph.D. in physics or related fields, obtained not earlier than 7 years before the starting date of the position (this may be extended by maternity or parental leave, long-term illness, taking care of a family member for more than 90 days, and military service), who, during the last 3 years, worked outside of the Czech Republic for at least 2 years at the half-time (or more) research position or was for this period of time a Ph.D. student abroad. An appropriate publishing activity is required, i.e., in the past 3 years, at least 2 publication outputs registered in Thomson Reuters Web of Science or Scopus.

Electronic applications, i.e., a scan of the signed cover letter accompanied by

  • curriculum vitae,
  • list of publications,
  • research statement,
  • a copy of PhD diploma,

should be sent to the email address konkurzy@dekanat.mff.cuni.cz by October 31, 2020. The subject of this e-mail should contain the ID of the position.

The candidate should also arrange for two letters of recommendation to be emailed to the same address. The subjects of these e-mails should also contain the ID of the position.

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1 position(s) available at
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University
Czech Republic
Prague 8
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