Ph.D. student in The Laboratory of Biophysics

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    Institute of Physics CAS
    Biological sciencesBiodiversity
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
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    30/11/2020 23:00 - Europe/London
    Czech Republic › Prague
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An inspiring position in biophysics and related fields, working in a multidisciplinary and friendly environment with motivating supervision. You will work with modern and advanced technologies, focusing on cutting-edge research. You will have creative freedom thinking of new solutions and innovations. Principal Investigator of the research group is Dr. Oleg Lunov.

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 PhD Student’s Benefits

We are open for motivated people that want to learn novel laboratory techniques. We offer international and friendly environment in our team. The laboratory established excellent research facilities. Thus, the student will learn following techniques and methods:

  • Conventional confocal and super-resolution live cell imaging
  • Cell culturing
  • Cytotoxicity studies
  • Cell signalling analysis
  • Protein function analysis
  • Gene editing and expression analysis

Eligibility criteria

Why should you apply?

  • Working in an international, creative and highly motivated environment of a newly established research group
  • Cutting-edge research topics with high application potential
  • Working in a multidisciplinary research team
  • A stimulating and friendly supervising and mentoring environment
  • Unique research facilities
  • Training and development possibilities (seminars, workshops, conferences)
  • Soft skills trainings (project management, grants applications, etc.)
  • Language courses
  • A competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Home office mode
  • And more benefits such as Multisport card, meal vouchers, cooperate kindergarten, etc

Selection process

Terms of employment:

The initial period of employment is 1 year (with the possibility of an extension), starting from November or December 1, 2020 or as otherwise agreed.

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  • požadovaná úroveň vzdělání
    Biological sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    Neurosciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    Chemistry: Master Degree or equivalent
  • požadované jazykové znalosti
    ENGLISH: Excellent
    CZECH: Basic


Research Programme

We are aiming to create a unique interdisciplinary biophysical platform for complex research and cooperation across physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, serving at the same time as an excellent research centre for education of students.

The research of the laboratory is focused on the effects of materials, structures, interfaces, particles, and physical fields on biological systems as well as the development of new biotechnological concepts.

A growing number of studies has reported that external physical cues (e.g. mechanical forces, electromagnetic fields, nanomaterials, etc.) may have an impact on a broad range of cell behaviours and functions. However, there is lack of studies showing rigorous biochemical investigations into physical cues bioeffects problem.

The ultimate goal of our laboratory is to gain insight the understanding of how physical factors influence the processes that drive cell behaviour and functionality.

Web: https://www.fzu.cz/en/research/divisions-and-departments/division-4/department-21/laboratory-2102

2. PhD Student’s Responsibilities and Learning Objectives

We are open for a student to join our team. Our lab is working on exciting new developments and will offer a solid education to interns of all levels, so please apply regardless of your year and experience level.

We offer exciting opportunities for young students to be submerged in very interesting scientific problems of modern biophysics. During the internship period responsibilities of the intern would be devoted to cell culturing, characterization and analysis of cell lines, setting up and conducting experimental work.

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 PhD Student’s Requirements

  • Junior or senior standing pursuing a degree in chemistry, biology, materials science, or a related discipline;
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Capability to deliver on project timelines individually or in a team setting;
  • Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills

Please feel free to Contact us for more information or to join our team.

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