Assistant/Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Medicine

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    Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
    Medical sciencesMedicine
    Psychological sciencesPsychology
    First Stage Researcher (R1)
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    22/02/2021 00:00 - Europe/Brussels
    Czech Republic › Plzeň
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Assistant/Assistant Professor of the Department of Social Medicine in Pilsen is an academmic position.

více informací

Selection process

Written applications supported by the above documents are submitted within 30 days, including the publication of the selection procedure on the official notice board of the faculty. Send the application electronically to the address: personalista@lfp.cuni.cz, state in the subject: VR SOCIALNI A POSUDKOVE LEKARSTVI. Or deliver physically or by post to the Personal and Payroll Department of the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Husova 654/3, 301 00 Plzeň.

Additional comments

Social medicine is a scientific, sociomedical and interdisciplinary field that deals with the health of the population and health care in society.

The methodological basis consists of management sciences, economics (especially its application in health care), law and health legislation, social psychology, political science, history, demography, statistics, sociology, philosophy of medicine, epidemiology.

By sending your CV, you consent to the processing and storage of your personal data by the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen for the purpose of keeping records of the job applicants and selection procedures in accordance with the relevant legal regulation.



  • požadované jazykové znalosti
    CZECH: Excellent


  • a university degree in general medicine, stomatology, psychology or related disciplines
  • suitable for graduates
  • orientation in the field of social medicine and public healthcare
  • knowledge of English
  • prerequisites for scientific and pedagogical work
  • excellent knowledge of the Czech language (level C1 for foreginers)

zvláštní požadavky

  • Diplomas (or its authorization)
  • Professional CV
  • Overview of publishing and lecturing activities

místo výkonu práce
1 position(s) available at
Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Czech Republic
Czech republic
323 18
alej Svobody 31

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