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We, as the EURAXESS Czech Republic, strongly condemn any military action in the world where science and education, not weapons and violations of international law, should create a future.

Welcome to EURAXESS in the Czech Republic

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a one-stop shop for researchers and innovators seeking to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries. We provide tailored information and support, free of charge, to researchers, entrepreneurs and research performing organisations. Our unique web portal offers job, funding and hosting opportunities, career development guidance and free tools and much more. EURAXESS network counts 43 European countries and 9 worldwide hubs.

EURAXESS Czech Republic provide information and assistance to researchers who are coming to work in the Czech Republic, or who are moving to work in another European country — both via this portal and at 15 EURAXESS Centres in our national network. This portal contains practical advice concerning professional and daily life, as well as information on job and funding opportunities. Our service centres help researchers and their families to plan and organize their move to a foreign country, providing assistance in all matters related to mobility.