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Czech Republic

EURAXESS Česká republika

Vítejte na portálu EURAXESS Česká republika.

Prostřednictvím tohoto portálu a EURAXESS center poskytujeme informace a pomoc jak přijíždějícím, tak vyjíždějícím výzkumným pracovníkům. Tento portál obsahuje praktické informace o pracovním i běžném životě, informace o pracovních příležitostech a možnostech financování. EURAXESS centra pomáhají nejen výzkumným pracovníkům, ale i jejich rodinám s přípravami a organizací jejich cesty do cizí země a poskytují komplexní pomoc v otázkách jejich mobility. Všechny služby nabízené sítí EURAXESS jsou zdarma.

Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Centre of Administration and Operations of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a public research institution inscribed in

the Register of Public Research Institutions administered by the MEYS of the CR. It is an independent legal entity of a

not-for-profit character, whose aim is to ensure the infrastructure of research and development and provide supporting activities particularly for the Academy of Sciences of the CR and its workplaces.

The Czech Academy of Sciences

The primary mission of the CAS and its institutes is to conduct basic research in a broad spectrum of the natural, technical and social sciences and the humanities. This research, whether highly specialised or interdisciplinary in nature, aims to advance developments in scientific knowledge at the international level, while also taking into account the specific needs of both Czech society and national culture. Scientists of the Academy institutes also participate in education, particularly through doctoral study programmes for young researchers and by teaching at universities as well. The Academy also fosters collaboration with applied research and industry. The integration of Czech science into the international context is being promoted by means of numerous joint international research projects and through the exchange of scientists with counterpart institutions abroad.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS, MŠMT in Czech) is responsible for public administration in education, for developing educational, youth and sport policies and international cooperation in these fields.

The Ministry of the Interior

The ministry of interior is supreme office for the realms of public administration, internal security, border protection and eGovernment in the Czech Republic. The scope of competencies of the Ministry of the Interior is defined by Section 12 of Act No. 2/1969 Coll. on Establishing Ministries and Other Institutions of Central Government of the Czech Republic, as amended.