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Job description

The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a position as Professor in Pedagogy at the Faculty of Arts and Education, Department of Early Childhood Education. The position is open for appointment from 1st August 2021.

The subject area for the position is Pedagogy with emphasis on the field of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Research at the department is multi-/ interdisciplinary oriented within the research areas of children’s learning and development, democracy and participation, diversity and belonging, communication and language, sustainable development and children's digital everyday life, aesthetic learning processes and issues related to the ECEC profession and teacher training program. A key issue for the professor will be to contribute to a further development of research in the field of ECEC and an overall research management at the department...

The hired candidate will primarily teach and supervise students at Bachelor's, Master’s and PhD level within the subject area, conduct research and disseminate research results within relevant research areas at the department, and contribute to the development of partnerships with businesses.

It is expected that the hired candidate initiates, provides external funding to, leads and conducts major research and development projects. The Professor will also lead the development and use of digital and diverse learning methods, innovation, value creation based on results from research and academic work.

The University of Stavanger has one of the country's leading competence community within ECEC research. In 2018, UiS was assigned to a national center for ECEC research, FILIORUM (www.filiorum.no). As a professor at the Department of ECEC, you will work closely with this research center.

The general job description for Professors at UiS gives a more detailed account of relevant duties.

Qualification requirements

We are seeking a Professor with a high level of scientific expertise in accordance with established professorship standards within the subject area and the university's general criteria for employment as a professor. 

Specialization within pedagogy related to the ECEC field is preferred, but applicants with specialization in nearby areas may also be considered as relevant candidates.

You must be able to document active, ongoing research at a high academic level and have the potential for future high-level research within the subject area.

It is expected that you have a reflective and conscientious attitude towards your own teaching and supervision. You must be able to document quality development in teaching and supervision, broad supervisory experience (preferably at master's and doctoral level) and participation in the development of educational quality in the academic community.

Furthermore, you must be able to document pedagogical and didactic skills relating to higher education, and basic skills in planning, evaluation and development of teaching and supervision. If you do not meet the competence requirement, the university may consider to offer employment with a requirement to complete a university pedagogy course within a period of two years from employment. The course will be provided by the university.

Norwegian is the language mainly used at UiS. The working and teaching languages are Norwegian and English. It is expected that you can teach and supervise in Norwegian (equivalent to level B2), or another Scandinavian language, within a period of three years from accession. If required, you will be offered a Norwegian course paid for by the university.

In the absence of applicants with sufficient scientific expertise, the university may consider temporarily employment for up to three years, during which time he/she will endeavour to gain the qualifications necessary for a permanent position. You must be considered capable of gaining the necessary qualifications during the period of employment.

The following attributes are also desirable

  • ability to inspire colleagues with regard to research and educational development
  • experience with, and ability to initiate, lead and carry out major research and development projects, including obtaining external funding for these
  • ability to involve and engage students so that course objectives, content and assessment situations are closely interlinked
  • experience and/or interest in developing varied learning methods and digital tools in teaching
  • record of disseminating research in recognised Norwegian and international publications, and evidence of progression in research and publication
  • experience of partnerships with businesses relevant for the subject area
  • contributed to the use of research-based knowledge in society and that you can refer to results from innovation and the commercialisation of research
  • experience with relevant international research networks and the ability to build and nurture networks—regionally, nationally and internationally
  • ability to manage a heavy workload, inquisitiveness, and motivation to the development of academic and interdisciplinary collaboration at the university
  • good teamwork and communication skills, and ability to contribute to a constructive work environment


We offer:

  • varied duties in a large and exciting organization that plays an important role in society
  • an ambitious and rapidly developing work community. We strive to include employees at all levels in strategic decisions and promote an informal atmosphere with a flat organisational structure
  • colleague-based guidance programme during your first year of teaching at UiS, NyTi
  • salary in accordance with the State Salary Scale, l.pl 17.510, code 1013, NOK 680.000-780.000 gross per year. A higher salary may be considered in special cases. From the salary, 2% is deducted as a contribution to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • automatic membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, which provides favourable insurance- and retirement benefits
  • favourable membership terms at gym and employee sports club, SiS sportssenter
  • employment at an Inclusive Workplace organisation which is committed to reducing sick leave, increasing the proportion of employees with reduced working capacity, and increasing the number of professionally active seniors
  • Hjem-jobb-hjem, discounted public transport to and from work
  • as an employee in Norway, you will have access to an optimal health service, as well a good pension, generous maternity/paternity leave, and a competitive salary. Nursery places are guaranteed and reasonably priced.
  • relocation programme
  • language courses: Look up “language courses” under employment conditions


University of Stavanger values independence, involvement and innovation. Diversity is respected and considered a resource in our work and learning environment. Universal design characterises physical and digital learning environments, and we strive to provide reasonable adjustments for employees with disabilities.

You are encouraged to apply regardless of gender, disability or cultural background.

The university aims to recruit more women within the subject area. If several applicants are considered to have equal qualifications, female applicants will be given priority.

Contact information

More information on the position can be obtained from Head of Department Anita Berge, tel +47 51833489, e-mail: anita.berge@uis.no or Professor Marit Alvestad, tel.: +47 51833537, e-mail: marit.alvestad@uis.no.

Information about the appointment procedure can be obtained from HR-adviser, tel: 51833545, e-mail: grete.marnburg@uis.no.



Apply for the position online via the “Apply for the position” link on this page. Your application letter, relevant education and work experience as well as language skills must be registered here. In the application letter, you must state your competence and motivation for the position.

The following documents must be uploaded as attachments to your application:

  • CV with a full summary of your education and experience
  • a pedagogical portfolio with a professionally based description and discussion of your teaching and educational competence as well as relevant documentation that supports this, see guidelines for assessment of educational competence
  • complete list of academic publications with information on where they are published
  • up to 15 academic publications wich are pivotal to your research output
  • transcripts and certificates, and other documentation that you consider relevant

Applications are evaluated based on the information available in Jobbnorge on the application deadline. You should ensure that your application shows clearly how your skills and experience meet the criteria which are set out above. 

The documents must be made available in either a Scandinavian language or English. If the total size of the attachments exceeds 30 MB, they must be compressed before upload.

Please note that information on applicants may be published even if the applicant has requested not to be included in the official list of applicants, in accordance with Section 25 of the Freedom of Information Act. If your request is not granted, you will be notified.

UiS only considers applications and attachments registered in Jobbnorge.

General information

The engagement is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants, and the acts relating to Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services and Technology. Candidates who by assessment of the application and attachment are seen to conflict with the criteria in the latter law will be prohibited from recruitment to UiS. 

The university's guidelines for appointment and promotion to teaching and research posts, sections 2 and 3.1, provide further discussion of criteria for employment as Professor.

Your qualifications for the position, based on documentation registered in Jobbnorge, will be assessed by an expert committee. You will receive the committee's statement as soon as it is available. If you do not satisfy key parts of the qualification requirements, you may have your application rejected before applications are submitted to the expert committee for assessment.

Based on the expert committee's statement, relevant applicants will be invited to an interview and teaching demonstration before any recommendations are made. References will also be obtained for relevant candidates. More about the hiring process on our website.

It is a prerequisite that you have a residence which enables you to be present at/available to the academic community during ordinary working hours.

The position has been announced in both Norwegian and English. In case of differences of opinion between the texts, the Norwegian text shall be decisive.


UiS - challenge the well-known and explore the unknown

The University of Stavanger (UiS) has about 12,000 students and 1,900 employees. The university has high ambitions. We strive to have an innovative and international profile, and be a driving force in knowledge development and in the process of societal change. Our common direction is driven by consideration for sustainable change and equitable social development, through new ways of managing natural resources and facilitating better cities and local communities. Energy, health and welfare, learning for life are our focus areas.

In constant collaboration and dialogue with our surroundings, regionally, nationally and internationally, we enjoy an open and creative climate for education, research, innovation, dissemination and museum activities. Academic life at the University of Stavanger is organised into six faculties comprising various departments/schools and National Research Centres, as well as the Museum of Archaeology. We are a member of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities. The university is located in the most attractive region in the country with more than 300,000 inhabitants. The Stavanger region has a dynamic labour market and exciting cultural and leisure activities.

Together with our staff and students we will challenge the well-known and explore the unknown.

The Faculty of Arts and Education is the region’s most important institution for educating teachers for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, upper secondary schools and higher education. The Faculty also provides basic education in sport, languages, religion and history, as well as eight Master’s programmes and two doctoral programmes.

The Faculty has three national centres: The National Centre for Reading Education and Research (the Reading Centre), the National Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research (The Learning Environment Centre) and the Knowledge Centre for Education (KSU), as well as the Filiorum Centre for Early Childhood Research. The Faculty collaborates with the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training and local government authorities in respect of further and continuing education. The Faculty has a total of around 3,000 students and 320 employees divided between the Faculty administration, Department of Early Childhood Education, Department of Education and Sports Science, Department of Cultural Studies and Languages, Reading Centre, Learning Environment Centre and Knowledge Centre for Education.

Department of Early Childhood Education has responsibility for early childhood education (bachelor), master of education in kindergarten science, doctoral course and lifelong learning activities for early childhood teachers. The department has responsibility for a semiannual study for exchange students, Comparative Educational Studies. The department´s vision is to be innovative in research and education within the subject area. The activities at the department should be characterized by qualities and values related to the field, such as openness and curiosity, exploration urge and learning, play and creativity, relationships characterized by responsibility and respect, as well as a distinct social commitment. The department will educate competent, motivated and socially committed early childhood teachers. There are currently 60 employees and 700 students at the department.

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