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Czech Republic
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Medical care


Medical care in the Czech Republic is highly professional and of good quality. Healthcare in the Czech Republic is generally on par with the rest of Europe, and indeed several of the country's key health indicators are above the EU average. In some fields, Czech doctors are at the cutting edge worldwide. Healthcare is provided both by state-run and private medical facilities. All citizens and residents of the Czech Republic are required by law to be covered by health insurance.



The extent to which dental care is covered by health insurance companies (including VZP), varies depending on whether the care is provided by a clinic that has a contract with that insurance company, or not. If the clinic does not have a contract with your health insurance company, the insurance will only cover emergency treatment. Note that even where the clinic does have a contract with your health insurance company it is very likely that you will be offered treatments that you need to pay for.

When looking for a dentist who accepts new patients, you may in the first instance ask your health insurance company for a list of dentists near you, or ask your colleagues and friends for recommendations. The Czech Dental Chamber publishes a list of all dentists in the country.

Your dentist is required to offer you treament that is covered in full by your health insurance company. The treatments covered by VZP insurance are listed in a document called the úhradová vyhláška. These are diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using standard grade materials. The dentist may also – after explaining the procedures that are covered by insurance – offer you treatments using higher grade materials. These are treatments that are not covered by VZP insurance, and for which you will pay privately. Make sure you know the price of any treatment you agree to, and check the price-list when registering with a new dentist. Your dentist is required to issue you with a receipt for all payments you make at their clinic.