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Czech Republic
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This is the most common and easiest way of living. The most feasible option for foreigners is usually to find a rental property through a real estate agency. Rent agreed through a real estate agency is usually more expensive than private agreements. However, the advantage of this choice is that the real estate agency provides legal services - rental contract and other formalities. In case of any problem while you are renting the property, you can turn to the agency. It is common practice to pay an extra one month's rent as an agency fee. You may also contact us to obtain contacts for Real Estate Agencies.

In the Czech Republic there are a large number of real estate agencies, mostly specializing in a certain region. However, it is also possible to find housing without a real estate agency and deal directly with the owner. For this option, there are specialized websites (such as You need to fill in the first field "Město"(town/city) and you can also specify a quarter or street around which to search. You can also modify your search ("byt" is a flat, "nabídka pronájem" is rental offers, "od" is minimum price and "do" is maximum price). If you let us know your wishes, we can also help you with your search.