The adaptation-integration course



Every foreign national who, as of 1 January 2021, is issued a long-term residence permit for the territory of the Czech Republic, and also every foreign national who is issued a permanent residence permit after this date without the precondition of previous authorised stay in the territory is obliged to take the adaptation and integration course within one year of the date of collecting their residence permit.

During the 4-hour course, the tutor and interpreter talk about several crucial topics and areas; these are:

  • Basic information about the Czech Republic and location where the course takes place; services offered to foreigners by integration centres and non-profit organizations;
  • Residence legislation; rights and duties of foreigners, purpose of stay, extensions of residence permits, notifications of changes, basic contacts; this section of the course intends to help foreigners meet their obligations and prevent the most common mistakes;
  • Education; Czech language courses, educational opportunities for children and adults, nostrification, retraining courses;
  • Employment; types of employment relationships, work contract, free and restricted access to the labour market, rights and protection of employees;
  • Business; options of conducting business in the Czech Republic, basic information about establishing a business;
  • Leisure in the Czech Republic; public holidays, transport, post, cultural tips;
  • Healthcare; doctors, urgent and preventive healthcare, emergency rooms, emergency service, insurance types;
  • Housing; Department for Asylum and Migration Policy and your obligations, service charges, housing contracts;
  • Basic intercultural information about the Czech Republic; local customs and tradition, rules, behaviour, etc. (this topic is addressed in a form of a short film which is screened during the course).


More information you will find here: https://www.vitejtevcr.cz/cs/