Micro- and nano-scale statistical properties of rough engineering surfaces and their tribological properties

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    Cardiff University
    United Kingdom
    Formal sciences



The proposed studies will create databases of surface roughness of various engineering surfaces at different scales: atomic, nano- and micro-scales.

New stochastic models for roughness description will be developed. The new directions for development of numerical solvers of adhesive contact problems between rough surfaces will be indicated.

The following skills will be developed:

  • knowledge of statistical approaches to characterisation of rough surfaces that are connected to surface features related to physical mechanisms of friction
  • simulation techniques using complex mathematical models and fast computer codes, experiments on a computer, which are referred to as computer experiments in the statistical literature
  • experimental skills related to measurements of rough surfaces using atomic force microscopy, stylus profilometery and other state-of-the-art experimental methods for measurements of rough surfaces
  • knowledge of modern approaches to nanomechanics, nanotribology and mechanics of adhesive contact.

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Self-funded students only.

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