Meise Botanic Garden

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Meise Botanic Garden (MBG)’s History goes back to 1796 and is one of the 10 largest botanic gardens and 15 largest herbarium in the world, with a domain of 92 hectares and holding 4 million preserved specimens, a rich botanical library, a seedbank and a living plant collection with 18000 different taxa from all around the around the world. Research topics are about taxonomy, biodiversity conservation, evolution, ecosystems and ethnobotany. The Garden has molecular facilities and is editor and co-editor of several scientific Journals. The MBG is an active member of the several networks: botanic gardens, libraries and herbaria and is exchanging information and specimens with other scientific institutes worldwide. For example, in 2017, 1,387 preserved specimens were sent on loan and 2,749 samples of living collections were sent to other institutes or individual researchers. The number of research visitors was 118, representing c.800 visitor days. The total number of visitors, including the general public, amounts to c. 150,000 a year.


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